Thursday, April 14, 2005

Our nominated friends. 

The Eisner Nominations for 2005 are up. Big congrats to everyone who was nominated and a special shout out to these close friends:

Jim Ottaviani

Leland Purvis (photo stolen from E.)

Greg Rucka

Sean McKeever

Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday, Monday 

Everyone's busy as hell, but here are a few things to keep those of you who check this page regularly from feeling cheated out of the time it took the page to load.

Here are some snapshots of comics people I found while tearing apart my studio looking for reference:

Rebecca Woods, Matthew Clark, Mike Cotton and Brian Bendis. Looks like there's a lapdance going on there, but I think they were posing for a reference shot for someone else.

Leland Purvis. I don't think he's actually smoking anything in this picture, but you never know.

Like this is news.

Mike Weringo, one of the finest illustrators in the medium, with a mouthful of pie.

A deadline is a deadline.

Karl and kamera.

What else? Let's see,Jim Ottaviani's graphic novels about scientists were prmoinently featured in a recent CBS news report about GNs in the Baltimore school system. The Portland Monthly piece came out. Kip Manley said what needed to be said about it, and Pete added his two cents.

Quiet in the studio today. If you came in right now, you'd see Ron at his table, listening to the Mariners game and working on a romance comic. Matthew is lying on his stomach, on the couch, doing thumbnail layouts for an issue of Teen Titans. I've got a Gotham Central issue on the board, and have spent most of today holding up a plastic handgun in my left hand, snarling, aiming it at the mirror opposite my board, and drawing my reflection.

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