Friday, May 20, 2005

Matthew at the PULSE! 

There's a big, strapping interview with our boy Matthew Clark over at the Pulse right now. Very insightful, with lots of pictures you may not have seen. Go read up on that sweet action! Link to the Article

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We've been neglecting you. 

And there's no excuse. Ah well. Let's put something up just to prove that we're all still alive:

"You will not be seeing a hairy girl running around in Amazing Fantasy. Sorry Furries!"
Jeff Parker at Comixfan, discussing one of the many stories he's writing for Marvel.

Matthew Clark, who recently wrapped up his Teen Titans arc, and is starting an Outsiders story, is also getting his next gallery exhibit ready. It'll be showing at Milk Studio starting June 2nd. Here's the postcard:

Matthew is working at the source of our great collective pride, the "new" scan station. It's an enormous tabloid-sized Epson scanner attached by scsi to a lumbering, ancient, beige PowerMac 8500 tower. This thing is state of the art for 1994, and you'll doubtless be seeing its output in dozens and dozens of comics over the next few years.

Drew Johnson is working on a Fantastic Four story (written and inked by Karl Kessel.) He's getting ready to move to Los Angeles, and he's brought in a big box of stuff that's not going with him. The floor near my table is a grab-bag wonderland of freebies. Cool toys from McFarlane and DC Direct, dozens of cassettes- mostly 80's indy pop and books on tape, and some fine glossy porn which we'll be using for "reference." I'm not much of a toy head, but I claimed these:

Write your own caption. In the meantime, you can assume that I'll be finding lots of places to sneak Kurt Russell into my comics.

David Hahn is home today, taking care of the baby. He's been in a few times since the bun came out of the oven. We believe this is because Mercury is the only place he can safely wear a black suitcoat without worrying that someone will yak all over it. I came to understand this situation last weekend. Here's me holding little Stephen Reid Parker mere moments after he spit up on me. Sara gave him a stern talking to.

Ron's penciling away on an issue of Wonder Woman over Rags Morales' layouts. Looks to me like they make a fine team. I'll try to get some scans out of him when I can.

This might be the most important thing I've seen on the web this year:
Plush toys of deadly disease-bearing microbes! This is Ebola:

One last thing: Congrats to Leland Purvis and Elizabeth Genco. Woo!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Congratulations to Mercury's David Hahn and wife Robbyn, on the birth of Cleo Lanai. She arrived on May 2nd around 8:30 a.m. A seven-pounder, looks like. Shipped about a week late, but we feel readers will really enjoy this prestige format deluxe edition.

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