Saturday, March 27, 2004

Johnny Bacardi: A winner is you! 

I just conducted my "stick everyone who linked to Mercury Studios' weblog in a hat and pick out one name to see who wins" contest, and the winner is Johnny Bacardi!

Johnny has a choice of prizes, as I outlined when I initially plugged the contest:

The first option is the safe one: a 3 by 5 inch postcard with a original sketch of any character I've worked on. The sketch will be executed in pen and ink, (and ziptone and paint, if I'm sketching anyone from Whiteout.)

The second is only for the truly discriminating reader- a slightly beat up copy of Bruce Wayne: Fugitivo, 2de2. This is the Portuguese language edition of that milestone in the literature of ethics, Bruce Wayne Fugitive, Part 2. As it says on the cover, this is "a estarrecedora concluáso da saga!"

So congrats, Johnny B. Let me know your choice and where I should send it.

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