Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Off, off to L.A. 

I've got a lot of stuff to get done before I'm off, so this'll have to do until I get back on Monday. Here's hoping this doesn't kill the great momentum we've been enjoying.

Paul Guinan has some updates on the growing fame of his Boilerplate site. If you haven't heard of Boilerplate before, start here to learn more. Paul has done us all a great service with his thorough and extensive research into the shamefully neglected history of Victorian robotics.

It's self-serving time. Laura Gjovaag has reviewed WHITEOUT and MELT on her blog. Always glad to see these books find new readers. If you're curious about WHITEOUT, go here , and read the entire first issue for free.

We were very glad to hear about this:
"Marvel Comics and artist Dave Cockrum have reached an agreement on a contract that will allow Marvel to continue to fully own the many characters Cockrum created for the company, while compensating Cockrum for his years of service and the seminal characters he created."Read the rest here.

The Cockrums still have a long way to go, with a lot of bills to pay. We encourage our readers to pick up the tribute book and watch for the benefit auction. You can see my piece for the book by clicking on the thumbnail above. David Hahn gave the auction a beautiful original page from an issue of Vertigo's Lucifer that he illustrated, and studio buddy Jeff Parker contributed an original Batgirl page and a copy of his graphic novel The Interman with a cool sketch on the title page.

Speaking of Parker, I'll be sitting next to the filthy wretch at Wizard World L.A. Stop by, mention that you saw this, and as time permits, I'll do a free quick sketch for you.

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