Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Prose novelists meet panel fiction 

The New York Times has an article about prose novelists writing comics, with quotes from Michael Chabon, Brad Meltzer and Greg Rucka. Nothing new there for the people likely to be reading this, but the article does mention no less than four comics containing work by Mercury members, and it's nice to get the ink. I'd love to see a more in-depth article on the subject of crossing media from prose to comics.This Jerome Charyn interview from a few years back shows how different the process is in Europe.

What other prose novelists have crossed over into comics? Sara Ryan is the first that comes to mind, of course. There's Gary Phillips, Samuel Delany, Laura Esquivel, Caitlin Kiernan, Lucius Shepherd. I must be missing a ton. Use the comments and help me out here. The two best stories of my career were both by novelists taking their first crack at the medium. I'm wondering if any other artists out there have had a similar experience.

NYT Link via The Hurting

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