Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Quick update 

I'd like to think that it was some property of physics that sent two cartoonists to replace me in Portland while I was out in L.A., but really it was just Portland Arts and Lectures. Lynda Barry and Matt Groening. Johnathan Nicholas at the Oregonian gives his opinion of how it went here. Jeff Baker spoke to Groening for the O last week. And to honor their arrival in town, the Willamette Week asked four local cartoonists to express their admiration in comic strip form. (The comics are, inexplicably, saved in pdf format and linked from the page.)

Portland critic Kip Manley offers helpful guidelines for the care and handling of a tarbaby

And finally, we here at Mercury Studios would like to say that it's about godamn time.

That's all. I've got drawing to do. The illustrated con report from me and Parker is coming soon.

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