Monday, March 15, 2004

Recent Reviews 

Pete Woods draws Batman monthly in Detective Comics. The latest issue is #792, and Silver Bullet has a review up.

Steve Lieber's all over the place this week, thanks to his story in the first issue of Michael Chabon Presents...The Amazing Adventures of The Escapist. Read all about it: Newsweek | MediaSharx | Breakdowns | Fourth Rail | The Trades | Silver Bullet. Fourth Rail also had a great review of Hellboy: Weird Tales.

Drew Johnson is the penciller on Wonder Woman and he's getting serious acclaim for the work he's doing, as you can see in these responses to his most recent issue, #200. Cinescape | The Trades | Fourth Rail

Karl Kesel writes The Human Torch and inks Mike Weringo's pencils on The Fantastic Four. Some reviews of FF #510: Broken Frontier | Fourth Rail | 411 mania.

Matthew Clark's first full issue of Adventures of Superman isn't out yet, but the back up story he drew in #625 gave his readers a taste of what he can do. Here's what the reviewer at 411 Mania thought of it.

And we just spotted this review of the VOX trade paperback collection, written and illustrated by Leland Purvis, a friend of the studio

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