Thursday, April 08, 2004

Here's what's up. 

The Mercury Studios weblog be slow on the updates for a couple of weeks. This isn't a personal site, so I'll just say that I'm back east dealing with some family stuff. For those of you who know what I'm talking about, things started out rough but seem to be improving now.

Because of these difficulties, It doesn't look like I'll be able to attend the Pittsburgh Comicon this year. I'm disappointed by this because I always have a good time at this show. Don't let my absence keep you away. The con is always well run and friendly, with easy access to a terrific variety of guests. Another reason to attend: The show is held at an expo center right next door to the Monroeville Mall, where the original Dawn of the Dead was filmed, and George Romero is one of the guests. This is your chance to find out why every kid from Pittsburgh wants to be a zombie when he grows up.

Over on the coast I love, and miss horribly, Wondercon is coming up in a couple of weeks. Matthew Clark will be a guest. Stop by his table in artists alley and get an eyeful of the astounding work he's doing on Adventures of Superman.

And here, just to annoy Matthew, is a quote from one of my favorite writers. This is from page 246 of Volume Four of The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell:

"Who would bring up a child on the coloured "comics" in which sinister professors manufacture atomic bombs in underground laboratories while Superman whizzes through the clouds, the machine-gun bullets bouncing off his chest like peas, and platinum blondes are raped, or very nearly, by steel robots and fifty-foot dinosaurs?"

Um... yeah.

Finally, I can't say for certain because they're all twenty-five hundred miles away, but I think I speak for everyone at the studio when I say congratulations to Friend of Ol' Mercury, Jeff Parker, for his Eisner nomination. On the strength of his , 2003 self-publishing debut. Industry insiders have been praising Jeff's book for a some time now, and here's hoping that this will spread the word even further.

If you haven't read it yet, read it. I'm not giving you a choice here. You have to. Go to your local store and request a copy, or mail-order one from khepri.com (scroll down)

That's all. I'll put up more when I can.

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