Thursday, May 20, 2004

"The ear thing... it's pretty twisted, I think." 

Over at Barbelith they're discussing Bite Club. Go see the discussion of a David Hahn image mistakenly attributed to Frank Quitely.

Meanwhile, in his column at Broken Frontier, Matt Maxwell has correctly attributed his praise for Eric Shanower's Age of Bronze and Jeff Parker's The Interman (There's no permalink, yet, but if the column is gone, check the archives for May 13, 2004, or thereabouts.)

Speaking of Parker, his Calgary Con report, with mentions of Mercury's Karl Kesel, is up at The Mystifying Oracle. Even more interesting is his post in which he notes that all five of the nominees for the Eisner Award for "Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition" do, in fact, deserve wider recognition. Click over and check out the creators whose work you don't know, but should.

And the CBLDF is working to draw attention to The Parent's Empowerment Act. You can read the link, then discuss the matter at Reason magazine or Newsarama

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