Sunday, May 09, 2004

"No problem at all with human sacrifice." 

Matthew Clark informs me that the people at the Superman Homepage have posted an interview with Matt and his collaborator on Adventures of Superman, Greg Rucka. It's a good interview, offering a look at the personalities behind the work. I'd really like to show you some of Matthew's Superman pencils. Maybe if I promise to knock it off with the links, he'll send me some scans.

There's a thread on the Comics Journal message board discussing the first ever Stumptown Comics fest a small-press extravanganza to be held right here in Portland, Oregon on June 6th.

As I write this, Jeff Parker and Karl Kesel are wrapping up their day at a comics convention in calagary. If anyone has any funny photos of either of them, send them to me at slieber234@yahoo.com

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