Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Links a-plenty 

Looks like the reviews for Ottaviani and Purvis' Suspended in Language are starting to trickle in. Here's the first.

Another first review: Steven Grant gives a thumbs up to Family Reunion. And Millarworld is liking it, too. If you want a copy, visit my table at a con or paypal me a dollar. Or for two dollars, you can get Family Reunion and Me and Edith Head.

I hadn't seen this before:the transcript of a talk between Ira Glass and Chris Ware. It's in .pdf format.

Paul Guinan has created a wild photo montage/mixed media painting of Tom Strong villainesses Ingrid Weiss and the Swastika Girls. That's Mercury's own Rebecca Woods portraying Ingrid.

Weird: The IMDB message board for the Whiteout movie. It's horribly tempting to go and post a link to a download or afree preview of the entire first issue, but I'd feel like a dork. And no, I don't have any news about the movie.

The Complete Idiot's Guide seems to have made a nice debut at Amazon, hovering around 5,000 in ranking. Unfortunately, there's no way on earth to tell how many copies that actually is.

Jeff Parker's The Interman is offered again in the current Previews. Jeff has news of a great give away for retailers up at his blog. Encourage your retailer to take advantage of it.

Finally, everyone is encouraged to click to see Mercury eat and Karl Kesel cook.

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