Monday, August 16, 2004

The closest I can get to Chicago/ Wizard World 2004 news. 

I passed on Chicago this year, as did the rest of Mercury Studios, so I don't have much, or anything really, in the way of incidents or anecdotes to report. But here are a bunch of direct links to some swanky contributions to the Dave Cockrum benefit auction. Have fun browsing: Neal Adams | Sergio Aragones | Terry Austin | Mark Bagley | John Bogdanove | Steve Buccelleto | John Cassaday | Travis Charest | Darwyn Cooke | Alan Davis pencils | Robin Riggs' inks over Davis | Mike Deodato | Will Eisner | Gary Frank | Dave Gibbons | Mike Grell | Phil Hester and Ande parks | Mike Kaluta and Bob Wiacek | Raphael Kayanan | Jim Lee | Steve Lieber (who?) | Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez | David Mazzucchelli: The Beast | Mazzucchelli: Wolverine | Bob McLeod | Steve McNiven | Jerry Ordway | Sean Phillips | John Romita Sr. | Dave Sim | Walt Simonson | Ben Templesmith | Herb Trimpe | J.H.Williams

The Comic Art Battle was a hoot. I'll have some pictures and what recollections I can recollect in a day or so.

And I'm glad to say that there are still more eleven-for-the-library lists. Keep them coming. Tangognat's compiled list is going to be a very useful resource. I've already heard from a number of librarians about this.

Scott R. at All Ages
Matt Maxwell
Carbonated Ink
David Carter

That last name is a new one in the blogosphere. David's just started his own online timesink, Yet Another Comics Blog. Everyone must give him clicks and links.

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