Wednesday, August 04, 2004

This and that. 

As a reminder, that big gorgeous con report is still awaiting your perusal. Here are a couple of photos that didn't make it in. (If I did this right they'll open in new windows):

Congratulations to Howard Cruise on his Marriage to Eddie Sedarbaum. (And let's hear it for the great state of Massachusets, too!) Link via Kevin Moore.

Congratulations to Mercury Blog reader John Aegard for his honorable mention in the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror. John's a real talent, and he's got a terrific graphic novel pitch underway with an artist I feel confident about labeling a future superstar.

And finally, who says there are no good comic books for kids? The Willamette Week talks to Portland author/troublemaker Jim Goad about his new graphic novel "Trucker Fags in Denial."

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