Thursday, September 30, 2004

Idjits in previews. Hulk in jammies. 

Ah, yes: Superhero costumes for infants and children. You've gotta love the superman bunting, but none of them can possibly compare to this.

The CIG to Creating Graphic Novels is listed in the October Previews, on page 390. (That's in the "Books" section, subcategory "How-To".) I'm told that retailers ordering it then will receive them in December and possibly even late November depending on when the PO is cut and how soon the publisher fills the orders.

Drew Johnson's has been working ridiculously long hours in the studio recently, doing remarkable work on Wonder Woman. Fans of the character are in for a treat. Here's an interview with the writer.

As Private Parker noted below. I won't be at SPX this weekend, but my original art will be. The illustration from the cover of the SPX anthology will be part of the CBLDF auction. You can own this picture, a spectacular rendering depicting dozens of your favorite mutilated cartoon characters. Try to name 'em all!

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