Tuesday, September 21, 2004

What we're up to. 

Going round the room:
David Hahn is ridiculously busy these days. After wrapping up Bite Club, David illustrated a mass-market Batman handbook, and is currently illustrating an Escapist story for Howard Chaykin and a Fables story for Bill Willingham.

Ron Randall recently finished adapting the CONSTANTINE movie for Vertigo. Ron, of course, was among the first artists to ever draw the character, back in the Alan Moore Swamp Thing days.

Drew Johnson is hard at work penciling Wonder Woman.

Pete Woods is illustrating something very cool for DC. I don't think it's public yet, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Rebecca Woods is illustrating a comics story for Malcolm Bourne, and a gallery art project.

I'm doing commercial art and some short comics stories for various venues. (Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.)

Karl Kesel is inking Fantastic Four over Mike Wieringo.

Paul Guinan is inking a Batman story and illustrating his Heartbreakers/Boilerplate book.

Jeff Parker is working on a long Escapist story that'll be entirely his own: script, art letters and color.

Terry Dodson is MIA.

And Matthew Clark is still putting in massive hours on Adventures of Superman. Here's an interview with the writer.(The article, unfortunately, doesn't include any of Matthew's spectacular interior art.)

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