Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Face It, Tiger 

First off: I'm a doof. Paul Guinan finally answered pleas from Lieber and me to start posting news here, and I immediately destroyed his first post. Don't ask. Especially bad since he was putting up nice pictures of my first day in the studio, and a new cool current roster picture of Mercury Studio, though with not as much Karl Kesel as we'd like. Terry Dodson too, for that matter. The coolest part is that Paul took the picture and then photoshopped himself in later. Pretty good, huh?

Next: Lieber drew a girl on a tiger.

This is a cover for a chapbook coming out from Small Beer Press, publishers of Steve's recent collaborater, noted sci-fi author Sean Stewart. For those of you coming over here to try and figure out if Steve has some beef with Devin Grayson, don't try to read anything into it. It's just a lady and a tiger.

All I have to add personally is a little report on my weekend at the Vancouver Comicon. It's an excellent show that boasts an excellent urinal, go take it in.

--posted by Minister of Information Parker--

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