Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Tuesday at the Newark Public Library. 

Hey, it's almost Thanksgiving. That means it's almost time for Mid-Ohio Con. Stop by and ask me how I almost lost my pants at this show.

The good people at Moonstone books have a page up promoting the first issue of
Wyatt Earp, The cover, covered in a blanket of lunatic cross-hatching, is my fault, and it will be colored by Big Ugly Parker.

One of my favorite cartoonists, mini-comics genius Sean Bieri, has a strip in this week's Detroit Metro Times.Mrree-oww!

Steve Higgins, in his Advocating Comics column, asks Paul Hornschemeier, Jeffrey Brown, Mark Ricketts, Tom Beland, and me this question:"What do you think you can do as an artist and I can do as a fan to help comics reach a wider audience?"
Our answers are here.

The irreplaceable Kip Manley discusses "The Incredibles"

And here, at Newsarama, we have an interview about the latest issue of Drew Johnson's Wonder Woman that somehow fails to mention Drew. Attention interviewers (and interviewees) : Remember that these things don't draw themselves. Read here.

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