Wednesday, December 01, 2004

In the Woods 

We've been wanting to talk about this for a while, and finally, it's out: Pete Woods is the new artist on Catwoman Follow the link for an interview with new writer Will Pfeifer and some spectacular pencils from Pete.

Pete, alas, doesn't get much ink in the interview above. So, why not go to Pete's own blog and read a general-purpose interview he posted there.

And you know, Rebecca Woods has a blog, too. She's posted some gorgeous sketches.

Congratulations are due to former Portlander Aaron Lopresti for his new exclusive with Marvel comics. They're also due to current Portlander Craig Thompson for adding yet another well-deserved award to his already groaning shelf of trophies: Tom Spurgeon reports that "Craig Thompson's Blankets won the critics' grand prize given out by the L'association des journalistes et critiques de la bande dessinee (ACBD) in France. "

Also of local interest, Kevin Moore has updated his webcomic Sheldon, the Pig.

Finally, the good people at Whisperdog Productions -they're the ones who are producing a film-festival short adaptation of Me and Edith Head- sent me and Sara an audition tape of an actress up for the part of Katrina. Very cool- more news when we have it.

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