Tuesday, March 08, 2005

David Hahn is on the web 

This link will take you to Hahn Dynasty, David's brand new website. Let's encourage some linkage here. We've got three copies of David's convention sketchbook, All Nighter, to give away. Add a link to David's site from your website or blog, and let us know in the comments to this thread. A week from now we'll put the names in a hat and draw three. The winners will each get a copy of the sketchbook with an original sketch by David.

As you've doubtless heard, the Bill Loebs cause has been taken up by some pretty big people. The Mercury auctions from a couple of weeks ago went well, and now I've pulled something interesting out of the vault for this new benefit. A few years back, I was attached to a graphic novel project that got a lot of publicity, and attracted a lot of interest, but never happened, Morning Dragons. Here's a picture I drew for myself based on Warren Ellis's initial outline, way, way back when the project was first announced.

Pete Woods would like his friends to know that he's not dead.

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