Monday, March 14, 2005

Lieber's Lentil Soup 


2 cups lentils (brown or green)

2 white/yellow onions


Tomatos or tomato paste- "some"

2 potatoes

Chicken-Style Seitan

Cumin-to taste

Carrots-1/4 cup

Possibly more garlic

Chopped Spinach- like, a quarter pound

This is what I'm working on while working, trying to duplicate Steve Lieber's Lentil Soup. Which is hard, because Steve's a real cook, which means he doesn't know what portions of which he uses, and it was pulling teeth to get him to guess at these calculations. And I couldn't find Seitan so I used free-range chicken broth. Anyway, you sautee those onions and garlic first, then add all the mixture together. I've put a fair amount of water in the pot to try to make this last a week, and if it's weak I'll try to compensate with chicken-flavored bouillon cubes. And at the end I'm going to throw in some chopped spinach and maybe celery. This would of course all work better if I were Lieber, who just tells his hands to start cooking and then follows them around the kitchen.

The other Mercury Studio Chef is Karl Kesel, and we'll see if maybe he'd like to share one of his recipes this week as well. I wouldn't trust it though, expect him to leave out a key ingredient or step, because Chef Supremes are not in the habit of giving away their hard-won methods. TOMORROW: Parker's Pigs-In-A-Blanket.

--Posted by Parker

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