Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wednesday afternoon 

Thanks to the recent media coverage, we've had an ungodly number of requests for studio visits. Many of these are from people who think that a room full of overloaded electrical outlets and foul-mouthed freelancers fighting brutal deadlines would be the perfect place to bring an entire class of fifth graders. I'm sorry, but it isn't. We're just not set up for school tours.


There are days here when everyone is out with a client or working at home. There are also days when no one has time to look up from their board, much less give the kids a tour. On days like that, if little Billy decided to grab David Hahn's x-acto and cut himself open, no one would stop drawing long enough to find a bandage.

Want to plan a field trip? We recommend OMSI. They love kids, and they have a submarine. All we have are a couple of beat-up axes and some plastic fish.

In other news, as I write this, Drew Johnson is hard at work on The Fantastic Four Wedding Special, written by Karl Kesel. He has also put a pair of fine Wonder Woman pages (written by Greg Rucka, inked by Ray Snyder) up on ebay.

Chef Parker will be along with more recipies soon, I'm sure.

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