Friday, March 18, 2005

Your links for the weekend. 

DC Comics reports that
THE FLASH #219 and WONDER WOMAN #214, featuring the 2-part story "Truth or Dare," have sold out at DC Comics.
Drew Johnson's pencils on the Wonder Woman issue are something to see.

As further proof that Pete Woods is not dead, here's a page of his work on Catwoman.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Sean McKeever, Matthew Clark's spectacular run on Inhumans has finally been collected. It's in a handsome, digest-sized format and we think it ships next week.

Read this:a good interview with Kyle Baker up at Popimage.

David Collier's Icelandic comicon diary is appearing daily at the CBC.

From a while back: A comic strip essay by Chester Brown My Mom was a schizophrenic.

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