Thursday, June 23, 2005

Jim Ottaviani visits Mercury 

We were lucky enough to have Jim Ottaviani of G.T. Labs as a guest in the studio last week. Here's Jim showing off some of Mark Schultz's illustrations from a book he's got coming out soon: the never-before published autobiography of legendary dinosaur artist Charles R. Knight. I was lucky enough to read an advance copy and the book is a lively, fun read. And Schultz's illustrations are, of course, just mind-blowingly good. For you technique-geeks, he's working in a wash-and-pencil manner like that of of F.R. Gruger.

(It's surprisingly hard to find any of Gruger's wash drawings online, but the guy was, by any reckonning, an a-number-one badass of American illustration.) I'll see if I can find something for another post.)

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