Monday, June 13, 2005

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A David Lewis is venting a bit about conventions. I've done a few conventions in my time, so I can certainly sympathize, but it's an indisputable truth that the more someone needs to read a rant like this, the less likely he is to recognize himself in your depictions.

You can go ahead and let off some steam, but be aware that all you are going to do is
A: get a few nods from people who already agree with you, and
B: irritate some inoffensive fat people who might have bought your work.

Ranting doesn't work. What does? The most (read that as "the only") successful strategy I've found is just carving out your own sane space at a show. If you've got a table, do everything you can make the two feet in front of it a place where the people that you want to meet feel good about spending their time. You'll soon find that you get plenty of attention from those people and a lot less from the ones you want to avoid.

Jeff Parker once said that everyone gets the fans they deserve. If you find this notion disturbing rather than comforting, I don't know what to tell you.

I enjoyed this two-part interview with Joe Kubert: part 1
part 2

A freind of the studio pointed us to these sketches by Pete and Rebbecca Woods.

And the indispensable Tom Spurgeon has interviewed the irreplaceable Jim Ottaviani over at Comics Reporter.

Matthew Clark's recent gallery exhibit set a record for the gallery for the size of the crowds and the number of works sold. It also got some amusing ink at Willamette Week.

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