Thursday, June 30, 2005

Reviewing me, convening locally 

Here are links to reviews of some recent works of mine. (Attention studio-mates: Sorry for making this so Lieber-centric. If you've got stuff you want me to link, send it.)

Gotham Central #32 shipped in June. It's a terrific one-shot story about a couple of corrupt Gotham cops. Greg Rucka wrote it, and I did the pencils and inks on the interior. It's been pretty well reviewed: Fanboy Planet | Comixtreme | Savage Critic | Comics Nexus | Four Color Rebellion | Silver Bullet | Johnny Bacardi | Lost Pages/Found Pages | | Hero Realm | Fourth Rail |Legions of Gotham

My favorite of the reviews is this one, mostly for the way the credits are listed.

Then there's the long-awaited Four Letter Worlds anthology. 16 stories of Love, Hate, Fear and Fate, by top talents: Scott Morse, Chynna Clugston-Major, Joe Casey, Jay Faerber, J. Torres, Antony Johnston, Robert Kirkman, Jamie S. Rich, Amber Benson, Mark Ricketts, Matt Fraction, B. Clay Moore, Eric Stephenson, Phil Hester, Kieron Dwyer, Andi Watson, Mike Huddleston, Mike Norton, Steve Rolston, Mike Hawthorne, Steven Griffin, Matt Roberts, R. John Bernales, and Jamie McKelvie. Jeff Parker's in there, too, so this post isn't entirely self-serving. Good stuff all throughout. And the critics say: Ninth Art | Obsessesed with comics | Sequential Tart-1 | Tegan | Gotham Lounge | Fourth Rail | icomics | Gutterninja | Movie Poop Shoot | Sequential Tart-2

And speaking of long awaited, just in time for summer comes the Negative Burn Winter Special. It's a comics anthology put together by Joe Pruett. My contribtion is the art on an autobiographical story written by Kurt Busiek. Other contributors include Evan Dorkin, Eric Larsen, Vince Locke, B. Clay Moore, Brian Bolland and Fabian Nicieza. Reviews: icomics | Fourth Rail | Movie Poop Shoot | Pipeline

It looks like programming for the 2005 Stumptown Comix Fest is coming together. From the site:

"Here's a brief recap of the festivities planned: We'll have a video presentation by illustrator, animator, and children's book author Michel Gagné; an "Homage to Wild Man Fischer" presented by JR WIlliams and Dennis Eichhorn; a Q&A Session with "Same Difference" author Derek Kirk Kim; a panel discussion on censorship hosted by Shannon Wheeler; a screening of Hazen Jette's student film about comics in Portland followed by a Q&A session with Jette; and we'll wrap the day up with the return of the Comic Art Battle, presented by Portland expatriate Ezra Claytan Daniels! And there's even more great stuff to announce later, as details become available."

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