Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday morning. Where is my oatmeal? 

There's been much discussion of Colleen Coover's controversial new comic Banana Sunday. I'm confident that the message I posted to Newsarama on page two of this thread should clear up any lingering difficulties.

In all the talk about new stores like RIOT opening up, I haven't seen any mention of the two fantastic new shops we have here in Portland: Bridge City Comics and Cosmic Monkey Comics. They're both sharp and savvy and energetic next-gen stores, and should definitely be included in any discussion of new retail trends.

Why was there nothing like this when I lived there? A small-press comics show in Michigan.

Speaking of the small press, Shawn Hoke's Size Matters is now a blog.

Gutterninja gives FLYTRAP the A-OK.

Chris Butcher talks about porn and oddly conflicting standards. He's absolutely right.

Over at Comic Book Galaxy Chris Allen has a new Breakdowns with a nice Flytrap review, but the thing that grabbed my eye was his push for Walt and Skeezix. I noted an observation about it in the comments thread over there, but I'll reproduce it here with the extra beneift of an "edit" button to get rid of some weird typos:

Well, that's that. I'll leave you today with a terrifying picture of Jerry Lewis.

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