Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm at the Clambake. 

It's almost midnight in San Diego. Preview night wrapped up nicely, and I've already got a bunch of sketches lined up. First up: The Iron Giant. Now that's a nifty commission. Matthew Clark was absolutely pelted with business. It looks to me like people are finally noticing what incredible work he's doing. Parker, alas, won't be at the show this year. He's heading East to deal with some family stuff. If there's any news, it'll be on his blog first.

Apropos of nothing comics-related whatsoever, there are less than TWO WEEKS until Bob Mould's BODY OF SONG comes out. I am just spectacularly geeked about this, and feel like Dennis the Menace in one of those Christmas comics specials; the wait is killing me. In the meantime, I keep listening to this audio interview in which Bob does solo electric versions of "Hoover Dam," "I Apologize," "See a Little Light," and the single from new album, "Paralyzed." The single can be heard on the Yep Roc site. Sounds great, and I'm glad that he's integrating some of the electronics of his much-reviled experiment Modulate with the energetic guitar that's had me hooked since I first heard Flip Your Wig.

Now that I've blogged about music, maybe we'll finally get Ron Randall to post something here.

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