Monday, July 11, 2005

New. So new. 

My pre-con news: A new short story comic from my publishing imprint Cold Water Press.

FLYTRAP Written by Sara Ryan, drawn by me. It's the first of a series of linked short stories. This one's called Juggling Act. It's in the same format as Me and Edith Head- sixteen pages in a cardstock cover- and it'll be as poorly distributed as that book was initially, which is to say that you can get it directly from me at my table at the San Diego Comicon or Wizard World Chicago, or you can go here to order it for two bucks, postpaid.

Pete Woods' spectacular debut on Catwoman is getting great reviews. Pete's got a round-up of them on The Astonishing Electric Telebiograph Machine .

And Parker's Vampire By Night is under discussion at the Bendis Board.

Any interview with Kyle Baker is worth reading.

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