Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The 2nd Flytrap printing isn't as impressive. 

So I've got those second printings of Flytrap in. No, I'm not going to do a press release. Good lord. Anyhow, these have a plus and a minus. The plus is that I ran the the art a little bigger and on heavier, slightly whiter paper, so art-wonks can study my virtuoso brushwork more closely. The minus is that the printer didn't trim the books or score the cover edge for a flatter fold, so as physical objects, they feel a bit more like a zine. It's still two bucks, postpaid in the US, so go here to get a copy mailed to your home for a bit less than a slice of deep-dish. More reviews from the blogosphere: Randomville | Progressive Ruin | View From the Cheap Seats

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