Wednesday, August 31, 2005


(This is Terri, the girl one- Steve's making me post too. It's like an EST session here today. "POST IN THE BLOG OR NO BATHROOM KEY" he's saying. It's terrible. People are sobbing brokenly in the corners and Ron's trying to chew through his wrists. Although that might be more because of the music we're playing)

Anyway. Parker came back from the South with a cuckoo clock, which he put up in the studio. We had a normal clock, but Parker broke that one over his head, so the cuckoo clock is, for some of us, the sole time-keeping device in here. The cuckoo doesn't keep Pacific Standard Time, though; it keeps time for an alternate universe. It cuckoos once on the half hour, and an indeterminate number of times on the "hour" (which sometimes comes every fifteen minutes, as far as I can tell). Steve's theory is: the cuckoo clock is somehow interconnected to Parker's brain, and so it cuckoos whenever Parker thinks maybe an hour's passed.

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