Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate- In Stores Now 

Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett's latest graphic novel "Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate" is in stores now! A year in the making and executed in a revolutionary new illustration technique Paul calls "paintography," a new art style that combines drawing, painting, and photography.

The Heartbreakers, a family of clones created from the DNA of a beautiful redheaded scientist, team up with
Boilerplate, the legendary robot created for the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. This graphic novel is the first time that the robot - an internet celebrity appears in the comic book medium.

Queenie, Delta, and the Heartbreakers made their debut 15 years ago, and since then have starred in a series of graphic novels scripted by Anina Bennett and illustrated by her husband, Paul Guinan. The Heartbreakers were the first female action heroes (y'know, the kind without capes) with their own title. Their historical significance is acknowleged by Trina Robbins in her book "The History of Women Superheroes".

In the new Heartbreakers book, clones win a major political battle: no longer considered property, they become citizens, albeit with limited rights. The economy must undergo a radical shift, as corporations learn to survive without using ciones as slave labor. One company, Biovoc, plans to create androids, combining human DNA with cybernetic parts. The 19th-century robot, is key to Biovoc's plans.

Bennett says, "This is an action story set against the backdrop of enormous social change. Through the clones and the robots, we examine the nature of individual consciousness. But of course we also have fun with the characters, and a good chase scene, along the way."

Boilerplate has an enormous audience, with fans at NASA's Space Telerobotics Program, StarTrek.com, in Hollywood, and around the world. Every day, thousands of online visitors check in on Boilerplate. Bennett and Guinan even had to change web hosts because of bandwidth issues when daily hits topped 30,000.

US News & World Report featured Boilerplate in a cover article, calling it "charming," The Christian Science Monitor proclaimed it "amazing," and the San Francisco Robotics Society of America says the machine is "awesome." Among other publications that have covered it are Great Britain's Real Robots magazine; both weeklies in Portland, Oregon; and Paradox, the Russian equivalent of Wired.

Alex Ross calls Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate "Stunning! A brilliant innovation in graphic storytelling."

Steve Rude says that "Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate" is "The future of comics...I'm blown away!"

Is your local comic book shop carying this unique book? If not, order it directly from Paul and Anina at their website.

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