Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Off to Chicago 

The WizWorld Chicago con starts on Thursday, and I'll be there. Big Surprise. Look for me in Hall B, table 1886. Truth to tell, I never knew there was a Hall B. Please god, don't let that be the new name for the plexiglass habitrail that connects the hotel to the convention center. Or maybe I'll get lucky and find they've put me somewhere on the ramp overlooking the main room- the one with the weird german village mural. One friend says it's actually in the Sofitel. Anyhow, Hall B, table 1886. Look for the guy who used to be fat. Here's a recent picture of me looking kind of goofy.

Parker won't be there with me. He's still in North Carolina trying to figure out if it's possible to ship actual acres of land by UPS ground service. If you are a newcomer to his work and want to pick up The Interman, the book that made Marvel hand him the keys to their entire publishing empire, stop by my table in the afforementioned Hall B and I'll have some copies of it for sale, with all proceeds going straight to Allie and Stephen's college textbook fund.

Couple of interesting threads going on over at Millarworld. My contributions to them are here and here.

Joe Illidge has started a column. Ought to be a good read.

The Complete Idiot's Guide got a mention in Bookslut's San Diego report. I just wish I hadn't sold out of all the copies I'd brought on Thursday afternoon.

This was a nice start to the day- a fine review of FLYTRAP from Alan David Doane at Comic Book Galaxy. It's available in exactly no stores right now, so if you want a copy, find me at a con or go here and get a copy in the mail for two bucks, postpaid.

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