Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Off to Gotham. 

I'm about to be busy for a month or so, so let's get some blogging in while I still can.

Word has it that Parker will be back in town soon. Everyone wants to know if he's got his North Carolona accent back, and if those crazy rumors about him actually drawing again are true.

Inker Jeremy Colwell has been working with Mercury a lot recently, doing great stuff. Looking for inking? Visit his page.

Shawn Hoke has reviewed Flytrap at his minicomics blog Size Matters. He raises an interesting question about it wondering if the illstration might be "too self-assured for a minicomic." It's not something I'd ever really considered. I approach any story as a story and try not to think of the means of delivery. Is there something about the small-batch photocopied booklet that calls for a different aesthetic, the way an old AM car radio seems to demand bubblegum pop? I can see the point. Chris Ware included stand-alone photopcopied minis with his McSweeney's issue, and we can assume he presented them that way because the he felt the format is an important part of the message. Lo-fi production values might be of a piece with the unpolished linework of some of the minis I've enjoyed. If anyone has any thoughts about this, I'd love to read them.

There's a good Jim Ottaviani interview at Broken Frontier.It's in two parts one | two.

Newsarama has the scoop on Karl Kesel and Drew Johnson's new one-shot, The Fantastic Four Wedding Special.

More worthwhile reading at L'il Rivkah's blog. This time, she asks her readers about their first visit to a comics store. I've never seen this question answered by so many people who aren't part of the direct market weekly-pull list world.

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