Saturday, September 17, 2005

Weekend update 

Steve here. You know, I can't believe Parker made it throughbeverage week without paying tribute to this American Classic. Oh man, I could drink me down a couple of cold ones right now.

Two more great reviews of Flytrap.The Comic Queen starts her review with something I need to work harder on. "I honestly have yet to figure out why Lieber and Ryan don’t get more attention for their work." And Randy at The Fourth Rail says that "Flytrap is a minicomic, but it's a professional product, and I'd go so far as to call it must-reading for those who want more than superheroes out of their comic book medium."

The comment thread after the Newsarama interview deceneded into lunacy, and seems to have left Matt Brady curled up in the corner making little "nuuhh" noises. I think it's open to vandalism at this point, in case anyone wants to go there and post their own close-ups of a monkey eye. I'll try to find a good one, or if anyone has the energy to work in a plug for Colleen Coover's delightful Banana Sunday, that could be fun, too.

Sara and I spent some quality time with the progenitor cells of Portland's rapidly metastasizing webcomics scene: Jenn Manley-Lee, Bill Mudron and Dylan Meconis all gathered to celebrate the mumblety-mumpth birthday of Kip Manley. I'll note here that Bill Mudron desperately needs to keep a notebook with him, because he casually tossed out several screamingly funny ideas that need to be put out there for the world to appreciate and reward. But no one had a pen, and I'm sure Bill's already forgotten them, so they're lost forever, and the world is a less funny place.

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