Monday, October 03, 2005


Jen Wang, Craig Thompson and Erika Moen.

Steve Rolston

Celeste Woods has signed a three-year exclusive with her father Pete.

Fantastic Four writer Jeff Parker shows how a simple sharpie can lend your Thing Hands greater verisimilitude.

Mercury intern Susan Tardif stole the Thing Hands when no one was looking.

Indigo did most of the work. He's tired.

Paul Guinan works on a sketch. By hand.

Ovi Nedelcu

Joe Nozemack and Jamie Rich.

David Chelsea in absentia.

Bite Club's David Hahn.

Colleen Coover and Root Nibot

Hereville's Barry Deutsch.

I stole this picture of me, Parker, Rebecca Woods and Celeste from Bill Mudron. Click here for his excellent Stumptown set.

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