Thursday, November 10, 2005

An OS X driver for the Mustek Scanexpress a3 USB 

The Mustek-on-a-mac instructions have been moved to our new blog:
http://periscopestudio.com/?p=197 Thanks!

-Posted by Steve Lieber


Steve: Is there a difference that matters between "binary" and "SDK" file packages re: hooking up that Mustek scanner for OS X purposes?
SDK's are only needed if you are going to do cross-compilations. To just use the scanner install the binary of the files only
Thank you so much for this page, I just installed Twain-Sane on my Intel Imac 20" and got the Mustek A3 Scanner running without a hitch on OSX 10.4.7

No Problems scanning into Photo Shop Elements.

Regards from Germany
I followed all the above instructions, and still have no success scanning w/ Mustek in OSX 10.4.7 could it be because all the installs were done on OSX it has no effect on my Classic OS9 system, which is where I open Photoshop? When I do this, and click on import, no SANE option appears; just the same old Scanexpress option.
Any ideas, I'd be grateful!
Chris: SANE is OS X software, so it only works with OS-X-native programs running under OS X. OS 9 has no idea that SANE exists and wouldn't know how to use if it did. It might be time to start saving your nickels for a newer version of Photoshop. :)
Hey! I just followed your instructions and everything worked out great!! Thank you so much for posting this!
Your OSX Installation Notes for Mustek A3 USB scanner worked for me! - Great. We use OSX 10.4 & I confirm that it works.
To download the a32fw.usb file in Safari, just control-click on the link and select 'Downlod Linked File' from the Contextual Menu.
Finally got my Mustek A3 Scanner USB to work in Photoshop with OSX.I have had the scanner 3 years with no success, so much so I was about to toss it into the garbage. Great way to get it going - your suggestions worked a treat.
You say it runs on OS9 - I can't find a driver anywhere. Does anyone know where you might get a driver for OS9 - I have a dual boot G4 it would wok on.
Post to the boards where this is being discussed. There are a lot of them. I'm sure someone kept the disk!
Thanks for putting this up, Steve. I just got one of these and was horrified that there were no OSX drivers. You are, as the kids say, the man...
Could someone who has gotten this to work confirm what is meant by deleting the two "#" symbol?

For the first one, do you justify the rest of the line, pulling it all over to the left or do you leave a space?

For the second one?
Took me a couple tries as Safari kept insisting that the a32fw.usb file was a text file, so I used Firefox to download it and this time it came down as a file. The interface is pretty poor and it takes 3 times as long to scan a page, but at least now I can wipe the hard drive clean on the PC and install an OS that actually works!!!
Thanks very much for the write up - worked like a charm.

One thing, though - I don't think deleting the #'s is necessary or even desirable. Those look like comments to me, and the commented text there should stay commented.

At any rate, I skipped that step and everything worked for me.
I had my mustek a3 usb scanner installed on my old osx 10.4. But now i've got the new OS LEOPARD and all of the .pkg file don't work. It says they are unable to run on this version of the OS. Is there a way around this? I'm not going to downgrade to OSX, and i really really don't want to have to install bootcamp. Any help would be great. Thanks.
I was about to ditch my Mustek scanner after so many attempts to get it working over the past 12 months, and then I found this fix, which works amazingly well with my new iMac and Photoshop, so at long last the huge space on my desk is not wasted! Thank you!
I think I have done everything right but when I go into PhotoShop and import it a box comes up say no image source found by sane library?
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