Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday update. 

Lots of stuff to post today. First up, Matthew Clark's in the news. Matthew's latest issue of Outsiders has, we're told, been bagged and labeled FOR MATURE READERS by a retaailer in Arkansas.

Tierney had a surprise. He had a call from a customer who also works in local law enforcement to warn him about the potential dangers of selling "homosexual content" in "Outsiders" #30.

The sad thing, of course, is that it's the shot of the two guys kissing that's causing trouble. If the panel showed a guy busting another guy in the mouth with a rock, that wouldn't be a problem. Crack open his skull with a pipe-wrench? Go for it. But, kissing? Yow! Think of the children! Oy.

(And please note that the retailer in question is not, repeat NOT, some crazy homophobe. He's a good guy and a sensible businessman doing his best to work with the laws of his community.)

In less frustrating news, Matthew was interviewed over at Comicon.

Here's one more Boilergate article to read. This one's of particular interest because it actually focuses on the cartoonist rather than the celebrity who accidentally ripped him off.

Terri's got a lot on her desk these days.

So does Jeff Parker.

And here's Parker, giving careful consideration to Kieron Dwyer's unreasonable demands.

-Steve Lieber

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