Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Making lemonade. 

True story: we were working in the studio a little after four this afternoon, when we heard three bangs- POWPOWPOW. No mistaking it, that was gunfire.

Ron, Paul, Terri, and I ran down the stairs to investigate. There were a couple of young guys in our doorway. One was in a sleeveless t-shirt with his pants half down, prodding at a bullet wound in his thigh. Lots of blood everywhere. We're downtown, so the cops and paramedics arrived quickly. The victim repeatedly refused to answer any questions about his shooter and climbed onto the stretcher under his own power. The cops taped the scene off.

Our landlord was right there with a new potential tenant he'd been showing around the building. The landlord put on his gamest smile, turned to the guy and said "You see how fast the police got here?"

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