Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's been too long. 

Matthew Clark writes:
You all can mark your calendar JUNE 1st and join me. I'll be showing selected OUTSIDERS pages. Helping me with the show will be SHIFT, KATANA, INDIGO, NIGHTWING, GRACE, and ARSENAL. They'll be handing out flyers there, looking for MALLAH and the BRAIN, hiding somewhere in the galleries. You can help and collect a reward.

I'll also be showing off my latest piece with Aimee Dieterle:

It'll be at the Sequential Art Gallery & Studio in Portland, 328 NW Broadway #113. (503) 916.9293

For those of you who are out of town, I'll post pictures of the event on my blog. It'll be like being there...minus the reward. Seeya soon.


Jeff Parker's been getting great reviews for his final issue of Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four. One site, Comics Should be Good said:
"Just a great job by Jeff Parker, to be able to tell a story quite literally called, "Doom, Where's My Car?, and have it not just be funny (which it is), fun (which it is ) but also working with everybody's established characterizations."

In his blog for the Oregonian, Steve Duin broke the news about a project I'm working on with Sara Ryan: a comic depicting the 1962 Morris/Anglin escape from Alcatraz for the California Parks Service. There's nothing like on-site research, and the access we we're granted for this was spectacular. Here's a shot of Sara inspecting the utility corridor into which Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers tunneled.

Finally, we've got a new intern! Everyone say hi to Eric, (embarrassing photos soon) who comes to us from the comics program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. If he had a website, we'd totally link to it. Instead, we'll just nag him to get a damn website already.

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