Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I have a political doppelganger! 

It used to be, if you put "Terri Nelson, Mercury" into The Google, I came up, and you could go see stuff about comics. Now, however, The Google automatically decides you must have spelled my name wrong and you really want to know about some dude named Terry Nelson, who apparently had something to do with why Bush is president.

I'd like to rectify this confusion and so I am issuing the following press release.

Press Release Source: Mercury Studio

Anti Bush-Cheney Political Annoyance Terri Nelson Joins Mercury Studio in Oregon, not Washington, D.C.
Thursday May 4, 8:00 am ET

NEW YORK and WASHINGTON, May 4 / -- Mercury Studio, a full-service comic book studio firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon and not in New York, today announced that Terri Nelson, who did not vote for Bush-Cheney in either the '04 Campaign or ’00 debacle, and who is also not a senior adviser to Senator John McCain (but who is not surprised, although pretty disgusted, by his complete backtracking over
his previously-stated high moral ambitions in order to please his Bush-Cheney
overlords), has joined the firm as a partner in its Portland, Oregon (not Washington, D.C.) office. Nelson's firm, Magpie Illustration, a leading grassroots illustration organization, will become an operating unit of Mercury Studio.

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