Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday update 

Mercury Cleans up pretty good.

Congrats to Jeff Parker! His run on Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four was nominated for a Harvey Award. And for the record- there was no, repeat, NO clever Crossgen lunchroom campaign to make that happen. I honestly don't think anyone in the studio even rememebered to vote in the Harveys this year. Apparently what happened was that enough people who care about these things noticed that wild, funny, entertaining stories were appearing month in an unnoticed all-ages title, and they gave the book the nod.

CIVIL WAR: FRONTLINE #1 is out in stores this week, featuring Steve Lieber's art on the ACCUSED storyline. Find out who survived the Stamford incident! And while you're at it, find out what Steve's art looks like in a Marvel comic. The last time story he penciled and inked for Marvel shipped in 1992.

Matthew Clark's art show was great:
Photos and typos here.

Don't forget to get your orders in for DEAR JOHN: The Alex Toth Doodle Book. The Diamond ordering code is JUN063296.

-Freddy Mercury

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