Friday, June 09, 2006

Weekend notes 

Tiny Ogre has a review of the Four Letter Worlds anthology. It's a Japanese site so we're not sure what's being said. But thanks to babelfish, here's a rough translation:
The man and woman of the deck which talks together with Christmas and the coffee. Respectively the cover り which is not relation above the so far good friend with the sweetheart. But, today circumstance had changed.... (Anew) It is short the compilation of page 8 word of 4 letters such as "Love" "Hate" is designated as subject 16 these recording. It is the anthology which has the reading answer which gathered the capability group chestnut thornback tar which participates mainly with independent system. This kind of with the compilation strange of the scene carrying has influence shortly. From the point of view of such viewpoint, "Fell" "of COOL", Steve Lieber of J. Torres/R. John Bernales, and "Anew" of Chynna Clugston was good. Especially in the emotional rust "of Anew" the extent which is struck the chest. Also it is impressive for Robert Kirkman to be unexpected and inactive. Perhaps him the accumulation of description, in other words it is the lighter/writer which one shot compared to makes serial ones proud. The Oni Press authorized personnel has occupied the majority, but it probably is the choosing a person of Eric Stephenson? It is good hobby.

Steve saw The Mountain Goats play at the Doug Fir on Saturday and sent back this brief report:
Wonderful show! Sara and I went with Kip Manley,, Jenn Manley Lee, Erika Moen, Dylan Meconis and Patrick Farley who is, I'm told, moving to Portland soon. I managed to snag a few photos

The Mountain Goats: Peter Hughes and John Darnielle.

John Darnielle playing the latest encore I've ever seen. There was a conventional encore: "Thanks everyone! Goodnight!" Then the house lights went up and the sound system went into "get out of here" mode, playing tepid recorded music to exit by. This went on as usual, and people were getting in the t-shirt line and filing up the stairs to leave, when the band responded to the still-stomping crowd by coming out onstage again. Darnielle said they wanted to play one more song, one that bassist Hughes had written and that he, John, didn't know how to play yet, so he was just going to sing with the bass. There was a confusion as people who had left the room realized there was still some live music happening, and a bit of polite scrambling for position, but no real crowd-control problems. The song was great- a fun, creepy number sung from the p.o.v. of a nightmarish houseguest. Then they got offstage and a tech guy quickly came out and disassembled the microphones.

After the concert there was pie and sketching at the lounge. Here's Jenn, Erika, and Dylan.

Patrick Farley was kind of tired. I guess we all were

Then the naked people on bikes went whizzing by and woke everyone up. It was hard to get a clear shot through the glass, but there were at least a hundred of them, sporting body paint and hats, their odd bits flapping disturbingly. Portland had manifested some deep weirdness just to reassure Patrick that it was okay to leave the bay area and move here.

Thanks, Steve. Steve Lieber, everybody. Give him a hand.

Newsarama has a fine interview with Terry Dodson, about his recent move to be the monthly artist on Wonder Woman.

They've also got a look at Marvel Westerns: Western Legends, featuring stories by Jeff Parker and Karl Kesel. Here's a page from the story Parker wrote, illustrated by Tomm Coker and Matt Hollingsworth.

Finally, We're all glad to say that Matthew Clark's recovery is going well. He'll be back at the drawing board soon and has been doing some sketches to warm up. Several of them are up on his myspace blog.

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