Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Drifting back to normal. 

The time around San Diego is always weird, and this was no exception. Most of Mercury Studio left town for the show, but we were actually pretty busy here. Portland was hit by a heat wave that weekend, and our building is air conditioned, so a bunch of other local cartoonists came by to use the empty desks: Bill Mudron, Jesse Hamm, Dylan Meconis, Colleen Coover, Root Nibot and Jenn Manley Lee all sat in and got stuff done. It was like a mini con for the Legion of Substitute Mercury. Jesse has a couple of "reports" about it : day one, and day two

The only real reportage comes from Parker, talking about the Toth panel. Well, that and Willamette Week's David Walker.

Colleen Coover's in the studio again today. Right now she's chowing down on a sandwich, but I think she's got pages from her next GN with her. What I've seen looks fantastic- her best work yet. If you're in Portland, you can see some of her originals at this:
LOCALLY GROWN: Fashionistas & Underground artists
Thursday August 3rd 5-7pm
1220 SW 4th Between Madison and Jefferson

Leland Purvis and Elizabeth Genco are bringing their marriage tour to Portland this week and we're all looking forward to seeing them. Leland- if you're reading, come down and work.

Parker's AGENTS OF ATLAS comes out tomorrow. Bloggers are plugging it like crazy:
Newsarama, Beaucoup Kevin, Pop Syndicate, Comixtreme.

More Parker: Read a big chunk of his Man Called Hurricane story, courtesy of the daily scanners. And this gentleman thought that that story had the Best Panel of the Week. Parker & Coker and Hollingsworth- hard to beat that team.

Nice review of David Hahn's BITE CLUB: VCU Sure beats that guy who thought David Tischman was drawing it.

I'm told I've drawn a cover for the reprint of Civil War: Frontline #1. Cool! Speedball himself got some coverage in the Miami Herald. My career is weird.

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