Friday, August 11, 2006

Even better than egosurfing: Worldcat 

WORLDCAT is now available to the public. It's a big search of world library catalogs; you can use it to search for books and publications to find out out how many library systems carry them. It's not an exhaustive seach- plenty of libraries don't participate, books are sometimes double listed, and the results give you library systems, not individual branches. (Though further clicks will take you to individual branch holdings and even whether the book is on the shelf or out.) I find it oddly compelling to get an idea of the extent to which a given book or series has penetrated the library market. A few searches to get you started: BONE | LOCAS | TRANSMETROPOLITAN | NARUTO.

Orion's in trouble.

More great reviews for Jeff Parker's AGENTS OF ATLAS:
Now Playing Magazine | Comic Core | Opiate of the Masses | Loren Javier | Fortress of Fortitude | News to Abuse | Comic Critique | Wizard Universe

Also, Tom Spurgeon's site The Comics Reporter declared Parker the "Winner of the Week" based on the enthusiastic response to AofA. And here's some new art from Leonard.

Mercury's department of Sino-geographic studies.

There's a new cartoonist in Portland: Aaron McConnell, whose new comic The Young Pups has been doing great in Dimestore Productions Small Press Idol, has arrived in Portland with his family. We're all eager to get to know him better. Welcome to Stumptown, Aaron!

Karl Kesel. Chutney cheesecake.

In other local cartooning news, Kevin Moore's been updating his webcomic SHELDON like crazy. Click over to read about the Pig Who Can't Stay Put.

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