Thursday, September 07, 2006

Not even for free pizza. 

Pete Woods has been blogging up a storm. He's put up a three-part tutorial that explains the steps he takes when creating a page of Superman. 1 | 2 | 3

Agents of Atlas #2 is out! Pop Syndicate weighs in with the first review (that I've seen, at least.)

New site; established talent: Comic Pants.
Agents of Atlas #1, and Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #4.

Around Comics brings you reviews of AoA #1 and the first issue of The Dummy's Guide to Danger.

The good people at Comix Fan want to see an ongoing BITE CLUB comic.

And hey! Looks like Matthew Clark's part of another gallery show. This one's in the courtyard of 328 NW Broadway, here in Portland. Things'll be open from 6 to 9. He's been doing some sketching, too.

I started reading MAKING COMICS yesterday. It's intriguing and full of beautifully presented ideas. Best drawing he's ever done, too.

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