Sunday, October 15, 2006

Actually, it's a one word title, not two. 

The bit at the end of this article about Hollywood film financing came as a nice surprise. (The UPI link looks like an error, then loads.)

Jeff Parker spoke toNewsarama for an interview recently. And here, for those of you who can't get enough Parker-praise, are a few more of the countless great reviews he's been landing lately: Bully's Comics | | The ISB | Zombies are People, Too | Signal Bleed | Genetic Freak Online | Poptown

(And for the record, that's an Edsel in the Poptown link, not a Cadillac.)

Over at Random Happenstance, Googum offers some apt observations about Karl Kesel's work.

Karl did a bit of photoshop work for Marvel recently, helping them produce the bluelines of the "lost" Lee-Kirby Fantastic Four story for Joe Sinnott to ink. Here's Karl, Parker, and Ron Randall admiring the pages:

And here are a couple of the pages:

This is cool: A whole bunch of short Joe Kubert stories you've probably never seen before.

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