Monday, January 22, 2007

Just another Modoc Monday. 

"evolution isn't always a move towards sophistication and complexity."
Tim O'Shea interviews Jeff Parker for Silver Bullet.

And speaking of Parker, it looks like most of the comics blogosphere is doing just that:

The Fake Life | Samarcand | Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin | Random Happenstance | Powet.tv | Trusty Plinko Stick | Comics Worth Reading | Bully! | The ISB | Wally Whateley | Every Day is like Wednesday

Here's a nice piece about Portland's own Alex Cahill.

Saturday saw the first meeting of the Portland Drink and Draw: Sketches and info.

Saturday also boasted a reading/signing/party for Aron Nels Steinke's Xeric-award-winning comic Big Plans at Guapo Comics and Books I haven't seen any report or photos yet, but if someone sends me a link, I'll post it here.

EDIT: Big Congratulations for Gene Yang! I just heard that American Born Chinese is the first GN to win the Printz Award!

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