Thursday, January 11, 2007

Name three Robins 

Today's quote: "First I was asked to establish more credentials, and it wasn’t even innocently phrased anymore. One guy said, word for word, 'If you really like Batman, name three Robins.'”
From the blog "Adventures in Lame," a woman tells the story of being challenged to prove her geek cred and explains why she's not dating a nerd."

Someone at scans_daily did a hilarious job of vandalizing my last issue of Civil War Frontline.

Colleen Coover is interviewed in the latest issue of DRAW magazine. Colleen hasn't seen the issue yet, and she doesn't remember what she said except that it was about working and comics and stuff. And she sent them some art. Parker's seen the issue. maybe he'll remember what's in there.

"I guess that means she hasn't gone sailing off any bridges yet."
Vaneta Rogers interviews David Hahn at Newsarama.

"I recognize this hardcover as a shameless attempt at scamming more money from the faithful, but I am helpless to resist."
Newsarama reacts to the announcement of a deluxe hardcover edition of Agents of Atlas.

Not neccesarily funny, but fascinating nontheless: Wu-tang/Peanuts mashup Thanks Monty!

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