Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not much. Yourself? 

Looks like the news about the Whiteout movie has gone public:

In the unsure world of moving comics to the screen, Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber’s Whiteout appears to have taken a large and definitive one, as Production Weekly has confirmed rumors that Kate Beckinsale will play US Marshal Carrie Stetko in the film version of the story, with Dominic (Gone in 60 Seconds) Sena directing.

Filming is slated to begin the first week in March in Montreal (presumably on sets) and Manitoba (presumably exteriors). Erich and Jon Hoeber wrote the screenplay adaptation of the story. For those unfamiliar with it, the comic, Rucka’s first major foray into comics, followed Stetko as she must solve the first murder on the Antarctic ice. Stetko is in a race against time to find and apprehend the killer before he leaves for the winter, or be trapped with him for six months.
More at Newsarama

There are a lot of blogs and message boards talking about it. I think my favorite is this one: "British lass Kate Beckinsale is currently in negotiations to star in the Alaska thriller “Whiteout”, based on a graphic novel (i.e. comic book). Written by Erich and Jon Hoeber and drawn by Gerg Rucka." You go, Gerg!

To answer the question I've received in email a couple dozen times this morning, I'm just plain excited. This is a window on a new world for me, and I really hope that comics retailers and booksellers can use this to build a new audience for the Whiteout books and for Greg's wonderful Queen and Country collections. That said, my #1 goal today is the same as it was yesterday: sit my ass down and get some work done. These things don't draw themselves.

Castle Waiting has its roots in classic fairy tales (Sleeping Beauty shapes the beginning of the story) but the completely original cast of characters drives this book into new and very creative territory. You get bearded nuns, a horse knight, poltersprites, a green baby, an Opinicus, and plenty of other odd and amusing characters, but it’s the depth and complexity of the main characters that is so appealing.
Linda Medley's Castle Waiting reviewed at Newsarama on the heels of being named one of the American Library Association’s 2007 Top Ten Great Graphic Novels for Teens.

"I think the rest of the country really doesn't know where Oregon is, they don't know what Portland is. They've got this vague idea and if you ask them to put it on the map, they don't even know Oregon's at the coast."
Kristian Williams interviews Jeff Parker

"Cartooning isn't about drawing well, it's about telling a story. We all tell stories (such as anecdotes about things that happened to us, or to people we know); this lesson is about learning to do that with pictures, even the simplest pictures. Later we'll learn drawing techniques, which will help our stories look better, but we'll begin with the more important task of learning to tell stories. A well-told story will hold the reader's attention even if the art isn't great. None of the instruction below requires any special drawing skill to implement."

Jesse Hamm teaches the craft at his livejournal.

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