Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Boilerplate in Japan 

As Paul Guinan works at full steam finishing the Boilerplate coffee-table book, his robot continues its blog tour of the world wide web. The latest review of the Boilerplate site comes from this Japanese blog. The latest images produced for the book can be seen on the Boilerplate News page which is updated every couple weeks. The book is being published by Collectors Press, and is due for a fall 2007 release.

Several members of Mercury Studio are contributing pieces to the book, stay tuned for previews of their work.

"After hearing the initial pitch it was pretty obvious to me that this story would be heavy on crowded wide shots. We've got the Amazonian army versus the US military and then throw in just about every character in the DCU. Yeah, lots of detail intensive work- but very fun!"

Pete Woods interviewed at Newsarama And some bigger reproductions of the art in the interview.

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